My In-Flight Routine

I have been traveling quite a bit this year, and all of them have been about 20 hour flights. So you can imagine the critical need for me to "entertain" myself! And apart from that flight ambience is not the most conducive towards our skin. We have to do things to protect as much as possible. So I have stocked up on little containers approved for carrying liquid and take whatever I need in them, and fly!

I drink lots of water, juice and restrict alcohol to one drink as in my case I find it difficult to take a nap if I do. So, here I go...

O First of all I tackle the hair. Hair gets dry too so I apply an overnight treatments and if my hair can be tied at that moment (as I keep changing the length) I tie it into a bun or a ponytail | Alterna Anti-Aging Overnight Rescue
O I usually have some makeup on so it begins with taking the makeup off | Clinique Take The Day Off
O Then for hydration I dab some face oil. This helps lock the moisture in | Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil
O Now I use a high hydration face pack, which gets clear in a few seconds. This helps keep the moisture locked in for a few hours | Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
O Then I apply an eye cream. That usually depends on which sample pack do I have at that point of time | Origins GinZing Eye Cream / First Aid Triple Remedy
O I also carry eye patches sometimes. Currently I am using a patch I picked up during my trip to Singapore and funnily whose name I do not know. Its a good Korean brand apparently. But I like some other brands too | Estee Lauder Stress Relief Eye Mask / Guerlain Super Aqua Eye

Finally I apply some lip balm, dab a little perfume from the sample size pack and massage some hand cream. Then I either watch a movie, read a book or try to sleep. If I am traveling with M, then its simple, I keep waking him up to chat. Wicked Wicked!

I can't do without sample packs. I am always at sephora asking for samples at the end of a purchase. If theres a new perfume in the market I get its little travel-size. Trust me, they are life-saviors. Its just a smart way to travel where you can continue using the same products, without having to invest in a travel size container or having to risk carrying the big bottles.

Check here for travel size perfumes

If the flights are too long then you might want to get some additional pampering. I try to carry these feet and hand masks from Etude House.

While in the flight, depending on where I am going, I repeat the above process. If I am traveling to SFO or London that means I would do it just once as the flight time is roughly 6-7 hours. If its a longer flight like Singapore, I would probably do it 2-3 times as its a 20 hours+ flight. But at the end of the flight about 1 and a half hours before it lands or right before the food is served I get up and go to the rest room. I freshen up, brush my teeth, wash my face and apply some cream. Then apply some Mascara and in the end, use a tinted lip balm on my eye lids, cheek & lips. And then thats that. If you enjoy a little pampering then you would love this routine, as I do.

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