Anjolee Customised Wedding & Anniversary Rings

Jewelry and us (women) are inseparable. Whether they are big statement pieces or delicate little earrings, we can rarely and hardly do without them. We have personalities and we choose our pieces according to that. I remember when me and M were about to get hooked, M didn't propose me with a ring. He instead took me along for me to choose and like. He had already figured out his finicky-future-life-partner!

Though I adore all the beautiful designs I come across, being able to make my little personal touch makes that piece much more special for me. If you don't know yet, what I am talking of, then its Anjolee

Anjolee is the leading manufacturer of fine jewelry. The company was founded in 1977 as a manufacturer specializing in fine diamond jewelry and has been selling its products to wholesalers, retail stores, and to online websites. Throughout the years, Anjolee has gained recognition as the leading high-end jewelry manufacturer in the jewelry industry. The product line consists of an extensive collection of bridal jewelry, fashion rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. In 2008, Anjolee launched its own website and began selling directly to consumers. That decision allows consumers to purchase directly from the manufacturer at the best possible prices with faster delivery on all customized orders. 

From its collection what entices me the most are their Customized Wedding & Engagement Rings. The dreamy beautiful designs and at different flexible price ranges. The ring I received was amongst one of these several designs and stones and metal as per my liking. The result? as you can see above, a beautiful Topaz set engagement ring. 

If you want to check out the rest of their collections & play around with the options, then click here

I would like to thank Anjolee for partnering with I'm My Own Muse.

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