How To Start A Blog

When I wanted to started a blog for the first time I thought and contemplated and pondered and pondered and spent, what looked like an entire lifetime! But the second time around I just did it, and since then I never quit. This has been a process of discovery and learning which I have enjoyed and love. I know that I will continue to do so for a very long time!

What you need to know?

o Do you really want to do this? It takes up time and effort like you would to raise a baby. You need   to be involved, passionate and your heart right there.

o What is your blog going to be about? Do you like fashion, cooking, watching TV or just reading blogs? Thats the fun part of it you can write whatever you feel for. But it must be something that you love.

o  Is your blog going to make money? there are success stories all over where bloggers make so much money that its worth quitting a 9-5 job. But the point is whether thats what you want to do. Because if thats what it is, then you have to put in that much effort. You have to have a clean blog and have good content regularly. Because that means traffic.

So how do we start?

o Choose a platform. I like blogger.com as I have complete flexibility to build from scratch. But you should seriously consider Tumblr too, as it has the option to share and like. However I know bloggers who are completely smitten by Wordpress. Choice is yours. If you want help building up a pretty blog, try Wix.

o Choose a name. Keep it Simple Fun & Meaningful.

o Create a neat layout. I am permanently re-layouting my blog and playing with designs & elements. Its important to have a neat looking layout because people like to scroll through a page which has things organized. And more importantly it will keep your mind sorted, and know what exactly are you unto with the blog. Apart from that, brands like blogs which are well looked after.

o Try to optimize the quality of your photos. Today with great internet speed & rich media people are rather used to seeing content with great visual quality. The pictures might be from internet, but improvise it in that case or if it your's try and use simple tools like the Picasa. Its simple and great for pictures. If you are feeling a bit more confident, opt for adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and you can get online courses too!

At the end of it, its about the content. Thats why people are there, and thats the reason it means so much to you. This is where your passion lies and it shows. Hope you found this write up useful. If you have any questions, or want to add something then I would appreciate your comments down there in the comment box.

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  1. I totally agree with you: it's very important have interesting content and editorial quality photos .. blogging sphere is so big now and there are so many amazing bloggers it's very difficult to be different. I think if someone wants to be successful in this sphere , should be very honest with readers and always interact with them.
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