Tea Rooms : NYC

If you are expecting the high end tea parlor, then this experience is a little different. Its cozy, comfortable and intimate. Its just the place to sit and chat with your girl-friend. I saw a lot of families and group of friends and in fact one of the groups literally sang. Its a happy warm place with good food, enough tea and some happy thoughts to take home. 

Bosie tea Parlor was the first tea Parlor that I visited after arriving here. They have an excellent collection of tea and a very chic interior. Its not typically english Tea parlor, its rather French. And if you are planning to visit them or you have already been there but not tried, then their earl great Macarons and Millecrepes are excellent. M swears by the eclair though. We also usually go for their tea service, and their one portion is good enough for 2.

They are more Hot Chocolate than tea, however, I have had nice tea there and thats how it found a place on this list. Their deserts are excellent and 'let me warn you -"Massive"! But there is something more to Mariebelle. And thats their chocolates. You must try them if you haven't because they make them in the widest possible variety. They have another little speciality too. The little pictures on these chocolate squares and when you buy them you will get a small card in your box explaining these pictures.

A sumptuous english village tea house that you have probably seen in English series like Agathatha Christie's Poirot. Tiny, flexible, warm and mind you...lots and lots of food and tea. You have to go there with an appetite. But I like it. The food is comforting and tasty, while the environment is truly cozy.

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