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I often look and my closet and wonder, that new designs are so exciting that I can hardly contain myself from getting a new one every now and then. But what about the clothes I purchased earlier. What really happens to all the old clothes that people wear. In fact for that matter, in this world where great designers create new designs everyday and then manufacture them, what has even happened to the what they manufactured yesterday? Well, I don't have the answers with me, but while I look for them, what if someone already thought of that and have already worked out the solutions.



PeleCheCoco is one such brand. Copenhagen/London based, PeleCheCoco, is a sustainable fashion brand that centres on recycled fabrics. They source a vast array of vintage leather and other fabric treasures from around the globe. In a world where fashion has become a disposable luxury, where trends come and go faster than ever before, at Pelechecoco, its their passion to recycle as much of these seemingly outdated and long forgotten products and breath new life into them. Old leather jackets, coats, skirts and other items of vintage clothing are sourced, reworked and recycled into attainable, on-trend styles that create forward thinking fashion with respect and care for the planet.


Their S/S 2015 is thought to be a play on their self image, the personas they adopt in different relationships or situations.  heightened awareness of the ego and the ‘Selfie‘ phenomenon. By exploring new materials such as Katha and jersey combined with recycled leather it created a diverse collection, rich in draping and volume yet playfully simple, borrowing elements from ‘Normcore‘ and Japanese lines it detaches them from Pelechecoco‘s previous collections, and gives way to more dreamlike silhouettes.


The jacket that I have worn can be found here. For other products visit here

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  1. fife fantasi Nails4:05 PM

    I love your jacket :)

  2. I often wonder what happens to clothes when people stop wearing - it's wonderful to think that some of them can have entirely new lives.

  3. Thats true! I think the world is moving in that direction. Nothing wrong with lots of clothes but old should have a justified way out.

  4. Love the Eco Fashion idea, it is such an idea for future, well done dear!

    Bisous from France,




  5. Thanks Sand...Great to know you like it :)