Face Masks & My Obsession With Them

I am a face pack addict. Face packs/ masks always give your skin that extra something that it needs. Of course you need to have time on your hand for this but I honestly believe that if you can squeeze in an extra 10 minutes either in the morning or night, its still worth it!

So if I get that extra 10 in the morning then I apply it after shower. Hang around get partially dressed, make breakfast and then wash it off and continue with my daily routine

Ideally I like to apply at night, when before going to bed I remove my make up, see my routine here, and then apply my mask, keep it on for a while, wash off and then continue.

So I have a wide variety of face packs as somedays my skin can be dry and patchy and on the other it get oily on the T-zone. I also mix up packs depending on what that part of the face needs. For example I would apply a moisturizing pack on my forehead but an oil soaking pack on my nose.

Here are some of my favorites:

Caudalie Purifying Mask

I love this mask. It doesn't dry you up or deeply nourishes. But especially for a Tzone case like mine, its just right. It makes my skin breathe once again. No doubt that its my number 1

Origins Drink Up

This baby is as moisturizing as it can get! There has been days when my skin had no difference from a parchment paper and I applied it. And my skin literally drank it all up. On the parts which are dry, you will see this disappear as it gets soaked in pretty much immediately.

Korres Instant Brightening Mask

This is my usual quick fix. A little bright looking skin is great before going out. So I apply after exfoliating my face. Keep it on for roughly 7 mins and wash it off. Then I apply my regular skin care and make up.

I got some on my wish list too which are expensive but I would love to try!

Sisley Blackrose Cream Mask - A product of the famous Sisley. Looks luxurious and they usually never go wrong.

Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask - I love products by Fresh. If you have tried their Lotus Youth Preserve Cream then you must. I traveled extensively last month between asia and US and this cream never failed me. But coming back to the mask, I am curious about the properties of Black tea, looks like its worth the try!

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