A New Haircut

It sounds silly, but i did manage to break down my whole process of getting the haircut. I went really short with my hair and I don't even remember the last time I did something like that. If you don't know my earlier Haircut then you can look at any of my earlier posts and know the earlier length.

Now, the steps:

1. I chatted up. Told my friends that I am going short. I started with saying ' I think I will get bangs'... I mean I need a lot of talking. Even if I completely know what I am going for, I need to talk about it to someone, any one or everyone. You see, then the thought process gets active. And eventually I came up with Pixie Bob

2. Next I wondered how does a Pixie Bob really look? I looked online, of course and made my little inspiration board. Pixie Bobs of different kind, with my kind of face shape, sometimes just a nice haircut, basically gathered it all.

3. Then I had to find a salon & a stylist. May be some of you will find it crazy but since I have been in NYC I have never repeated the same stylist. I would look up on yelp mostly, get a haircut done but never went back. Its not because they were not good, but because...ummm....may I say the chemistry was missing? yeah, well. So this time i went for recommendations, and back to friends. I finalized Salon OSH and took up an appointment with Andrew. In fact when I went over I had saved a couple of inspirations that I liked and showed him. And voila.

So what do you think of this haircut? Let me know!

please do leave behind your comment, suggestion, insights, love notes... I am listening.

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