4 Simple Eye Liner Ideas

This is perfect for a meeting or work. Its absolutely simple to do. Just draw a tight line and a line closer to the lids and then just smudge it with a bud, a smudge brush or finger. And you are done! It looks great on matured eyes too.

This look if definitely glamorous! You can pair it with light or bright lips. I always feel a nude lip adds a certain whole sexy dimension to this look. What I like best about the look if that I don't need to be perfect. I just keep going on! I like to do these eyes at night, when I don't wear my sunglasses, and that a perfect opportunity to show off your peepers.

With a light hand I use a crease brush to draw my creases lightly with a color 2 or 3 shades darker from my skin color. Here I have added a few lashes to emphasize the look

I love this look. I got hooked onto it since I was in school. Its gothic, dark and very sexy. Especially good for hooded eyes. As with hooded eyes, the crease above the upper lid is not always visible, this look altogether takes the attention off the upper lid altogether!

I draw a line along the lower lid first and then along the waterline.

Here I combine liquid and pencil liners. This one needs practice and you need to be steady with the liquid liner. Also, its important to understand the natural shape of your eyes and stay true to it. If you try to draw out a shape out of it then it would look very different from this. I line my lower and upper lids with a liquid liner and then fill in with pencil. If you want to try colors, then try this!

If you like it then I would love to know. So, please do leave behind your comment, suggestion, insights, love notes... I am listening.

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  1. The kohled lower lid is a fav of many of us indian girls! Try the cat eye it will look good on you.