Spa Day Anyone?

I am a little hung-over my spa days. Whether I need to unwind or its my shave-day I need my Spa-days. So, just in case you are interested to know my 'spa-day ritual' , then read on.

1. Of course I got to fill the tub with some nice hot water...duh!

2. Arrange the bath caddy, with the essential. Then mix in my favorite bath soak. I sometimes have lavender soak made at home, which is quite lovely, or sometimes its the one from the store.Also clean my face throughly and apply a face mask in the meanwhile.

3. I light a candle, in the bathroom. Last thing I can't is to have a candle around burning my hair off

4. Then I put on a video that I would like to watch

5. And then starts my process. I use a hand towel to wipe of my skin quite rigorously first. That stops the dead skin build up before I shave. So once I have done that, I shave my legs, arms etc. and open the little jar of body scrub, which again can be made at home with granulated sugar and essential oils (Recipe Here) or it can be from the stores. Applying Scrub after the shave helps stop in-growths and also give you luxuriously smooth legs.

6. Now I hang in there for a bit more till I am completely satisfied, before I start draining the water. Once thats done I finish off with the Shampoo & Conditioner. Also, sometimes when my hair needs something extra, I wash my hair before I even start to fill my tub, and then rinse towel dry and then apply a masque. 

7. Now that everything is done, I indulge in a luxurious slapping on of some moisturizer. Dry my hair like everyday, but trust me that its a new me!

So whats your routine like? I would love to know...

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