Mind Rumblings of "Me Time"

In our lives if we observe very keenly, we would realize how little time do we keep aside for just ourselves. On the personal front we are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends and many other things and on a professional front its a whole different responsibility. That too is towards ourself most of the time, but thats not the pure 'me time' as we call it. It so happens that and entire day, and entire week and an entire month passes by when we have been with someone, or doing something which is not entirely your's!

Conversations with Self

When I was a child I developed this weird practice of looking into the mirror and having a conversation with myself. It was weird, and my grandma one day saw me and said its a funny thing to do, after which I stopped. However, after sometime when I was an year or so older I started doing it again. Later with time I observed that in reality it used to help me unwind a lot of times. I did have friends and I wasn't a loner really, but yes an introvert. But irrespective of that, I realized there were 100s of things on my mind that sometimes made me sad or angry which if I would stand in front of the mirror and talk to myself about it helped compartmentalize my thoughts. My emotions were out, and I would know exactly what is it that bothers me. And then, it would help me to articulate and take the next steps. Sometimes, there would be no next step whereas sometime talking with a cool head was a good idea.

Whats Your Hobby?

Its quite strange that many a times a lot of people do not know what is it that they like to do, just because they are so busy. Its actually a good idea to set out and and a half or so during the day to do what you really enjoy. Its probably reading a certain kind of book, or knitting or surfing, or even may be applying nail polish! But anything that keeps you busy with just yourself. You are engrossed in something that you would do just because you like to!

There are of course many ways of doing this, most of them are self invented, but whats more important is, to do it. We all have desires and wants which we should learn to address and not ignore. We must remember that we are our own best friends and our biggest strengths comes from within. Over everything else, love yourself and don't confuse it with being selfish. But just love yourself, selflessly!

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  1. giha peralta4:32 PM

    Very useful post!
    Made me think a lot


  2. MsSole6:41 PM

    I agree, love yourself and everything else will fall into place. I love the nail and lip color. They go perfectly and suits you well.

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  3. Maireem Maneje1:13 AM

    Love this post :) so hearty :)


  4. Dianne Tho7:17 AM

    i agree so much with you, we have to know who we are and what we like to do, every each one of us must have their own personallity :D