DIY : Spiced Tea For Winter

\If you haven't read my earlier post, then here is another one. Because I love spiced tea in winter. Back home in India, its the most common thing and is made in every household. Here, its available as well at the Starbucks, known as the 'Chai Latte'. However sometimes, I want it a little custom-made. Without milk, less milk and I am not sure if Starbucks makes it. To be honest, I have had it there just once. I rather come home and make my own, as its absolutely plain work!\

Makes :1 (however I pre-make these in tea bags and store them, in that case the quantity changes)

Preparation time : 5mins

~o~ Clove 3
~o~ Cardamom 3 
~o~ Coriander Seeds apprx 15
~o~ Star Anise 1
~o~ Peppercorn apprx 10
~o~ Bay leaf 1
~o~  Loose tea - apprx 1tsp (I used english breakfast)
~o~ Empty Tea Bag - 1

\Assemble everything in the empty tea bag\

\Now dip it into a cup of hot water and let it brew for few minutes. Sit back and enjoy. Add some milk if you like\

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