Winter Makeup/ Skincare Basics

Winter Makeup calls for extra care and I have learnt that the hard way. When I moved here from the warm climates in India, that too Mumbai my behavior with respect to skin care was very different. To me it meant a skin that is clean, and toned is good skin and yes, should be followed up with a 'light' moisturizer. The only good habit that I had since a little age that stayed on and literally saved me was massaging baby oil on my skin thoroughly before bath and then wash it off with a scrub.

The first and biggest skin hazard that I faced after coming here was eczema! my skin would get extremely dry and blotchy and later turn red. I didn't even realize that it was eczema, till I heard someone mention for herself that she suffers from similar symptoms. And there was a revelation that I had eczema too! So here's what I found:

1. Moisturize your skin within 3 minutes of washing it.
2. Do not use extremely hot water. Mix cold and make it lukewarm.
3. Do not over-moisturize, because your skin will break out.

I follow a night time routine, which I will talk about some other day. But in the morning I simply follow all these steps. So at the shower I don't wash my face at all, but instead let the natural oil stay on. Once I am done with my shower, Here is what I do:

Massage my skin with a thick balm, like the Clinique Take the Day Off. Its thick and gets inside the pores to clear it off, as well as takes all the dead and dry skin off. Its very moisturizing. A cheaper alternative would be, pure coconut oil.

Then I wash it off with Origins Ginzing Face Scrub. This is a favorite for 2 reasons, doesn't dry my skin and smells great in the morning, acts like a pick me up. These 2 steps particularly helps as most of the cleaning part is done by the balm and the scrub gently take it all off. A cheaper alternative would be St. Ives Apricot Scrub, though I feel it can be a bit harsh sometimes.

I keep the Urban Decay B6 spray handy, and immediately. It is a specialized vitamin infused spray, and takes care of skin issues like redness, open pores etc. I think pure rose water is quite good too. It relaxes the skin and smells delightful.

I follow it up with Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil. I take exactly 3 drops, rub it in my palm vigorously and then gently press it against my face, till all the oil in my hand has been absorbed by the skin on my face. It smell wonderful, and I have noticed my skin brightening up since usage.

Olay Total Effects is an all time favorite. Even when I was in India, when I didn't use anything else or definitely not any of the aboveI used this product. It makes my skin brighten up immediately. Sometimes I go without a foundation. Just this and a red lipstick and perhaps some mascara.

Clarins Sunscreen, I would say that this is optional, as most of the products have some SPF already. But its a sunny day and I am spending most of the time out, then I would probably use it. It has a light texture, and absorbs quickly.

Clarins Beauty Flash Baume is a must in winter, if you ask me. I take a pea size in my hand, again rub it vigorously and press it against my face. The reason I use this products is because, it makes my skin glow, which is much needed in winter and I believe it reflects light very well.

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation is an expensive foundation. However, I have to agree that it has some qualities. It has great coverage, its extremely hydrating and adds a certain radiance to the skin. However, I think the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation is also extremely good. But in a very dry climate, I would opt for the former.

This might look like an array of skin care products, but it doesn't take more than 7minutes. Skin is our largest organ and its our duty to take care, nurture and love it. 

please do leave behind your comment, suggestion, insights, love notes... I am listening.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! Winter is a hard time for my skin, specially in my hands, but applying correctly the moisturizer does definitely help! With love,


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  3. Absolutely, and as I mentioned I learnt it the hard way, so now I am even more careful! Glad you found it helpful :)