Which Fashion Blogger is Doing Winter Best

I am searching for cool looks to sport this winter, and I have been looking for inspiration. And I did find some from some Divas in the fashion blogging world. Hope you are inspired too!

1. Zanita - She knows how to be photographed and she looks perfect in each of them. Here she has worn a lovely Pink Coat with grey, the leather cap, the heels, everything together makes this look just so perfect?

2. Stephanie Sterjovsky - She portrays in a style that we all want. exactly the way we want to be. Feminine, charming and the-girl-next-door. She poses with bouquets, bikes and everything fun. We can trust her winter style, since she is from Toronto.

3. Blaire Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific - She is my ultimate style-icon. She can make the simplest all-black outfit, the classiest wardrobe necessity!

4. Keiko Lynn - She knows how to look feminine and cute and the barbie-doll-kind-of-girly. Usually spotted in baby doll dresses, she can very easily transform into a bundled up sweetness in the colder months.

5. Garance Dore - She is a beautiful person, a great writer/photographer and a style icon, in my eyes. Her style is chic. Probably the fact that she is a parisian has got to do something with it.

6. Susie from Style Bubble - This girl has style. She can bring together anything and create the most stunning outfit out of it. The picture was taken when she was spotted at the Milan Fashion Week.

Who is your style inspiration this winter? I would love to know!

please do leave behind your comment, suggestion, insights, love notes... I am listening.

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  1. I love your choices, they all have amazing taste!
    This winter my inspiration is my mom

    xx Furore Editor
    P.S.Be a friend of our magazine!

  2. Awww! Sometimes, mothers know it best!