A Thrilling New Year!

I am absolutely excited and thrilled to be in 2015!

My time while bringing in the new year was fun, adventurous and I totally loved it. Just before the New Year we went of a long East Coast road trip. Which was basically New York - New Jersey - Maryland - Virginia - North Carolina - South Carolina - Georgia and finally - Florida! We hoped to be in Miami, but made it till Tampa. Though I am happy that we did, or we would had never seen a more beautiful Sunset (Clearwater Beach) or got lost on an Island (Caledesi Island). 

We saw the most gorgeous dolphins, I only wished they stayed on a bit longer. However, we managed to see a lot more of them in Georgia (Savannah). We experienced beautiful weather in Georgia, Savannah. Its a historic town, but what strikes me most was its beauty. 

The mile and a half walk through the Wormhole Historic Park was a scene out of fairytale! We couldn't stop at North Carolina, but did manage to stay at the beautiful Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, where we managed to see some more dolphins and then walk around at night, under the moonlight with stars, by the sea! Could this get more romantic? I guess not :)

We came back celebrated the New Years at a house party, in our apartment. And have been celebrating 2015 everyday since for some reason or the other. 

What more can one expect than to be with the people they love on such a special time?

And with all the love I feel right now, I wish you a very happy new year!

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