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While I utterly and totally believe that a happy mind, completely in love with the concept of love produces the prettiest face, there are more things that one can do. If you ask me, then I would say great looking skin is a combination of care, observation and taking measures.


Lets start with observation. There are several notions of perfection. But mind you they are just notions. Audrey Hepburn was stunningly beautiful, not because of her skin or just good looks, but the lightness of her being that radiated. But lets not go towards spirituality today. what I mean is study your face. What are the things that bother you? Are they natural or have they come up due to a little slip in caring. I would say freckles or moles should be out of this. If they have come up naturally, then they are a part of you. Own it up. However, if its a red little pimple or open pores you might want to cover it. What I am trying to say here is, not to try too hard to cover something, or it will show! This also is the foundation for your research to buying the skin care and makeup products. Its always a good idea to minimize the risk of buying a product and finding it unsuitable.


We loved baby skin. a very little exposure to the world outside gives that skin, alas, its not possible. And years after years of exposure to pollution, weather and emotions (if I may add) takes its toll. Skin care should be in 2 parts, Morning & Night. Morning should be oil message, face wash, a serum, moisturize, done. For night, 3 step make up removal and massage, face wash, face pack, serum, night oil, cream, under eye cream. Done! 

Looks too much, I know. But depends on how far would you go to achieve.

My favorite beauty advisors Sali HughesEssiebutton, Ingrid Nilsen


So after you have done all of this, and have relatively great skin, I would imagine, its time for the final step. However, its also important to choose the right product, as not doing so can have a reverse disaster. 

The key to great make up is achieving that perfect skin look. If you have concerns like rosacea or open pores or dull skin, start with the right Primer. Mix primers for multiple concerns. its absolutely ok to apply a primer to cover open pores on your nose and another to cover rosacea on your cheeks at the same time. Follow with foundation. Start with the nose and chin and blend away. Use concealer sparingly on trouble areas and you have a perfect base.

My favorite makeup gurus Lisa Elridge, Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury (for the eyes)

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