My First Hunters

I love hunters. Mostly because they come in beautiful colors. Also, the form kind of fascinates me. But, I have always stopped myself from buying them, not because the cost is unjustified, but I try to maintain a policy of $100 or less and somehow, I never found one that fitted into all my criterias.

However, I finally gave into my temptations without compromising my philosophy. I bought it on ebay. A certain good soul wore it just twice, and decided to sell these at a reasonable price, and thats how, I own a pair now. There are a few things, that are important to look at while making these transactions on ebay.

1. Check each and every picture for certain brand marks, trademarks or little distinctions that it should have. I checked pictures of the inner rim of these hunters. This is to check if its real.

2. Check the sole of the shoes to see if they are worn out. You wouldn't want to pay a hell of a money for a worn out pair or shoes. Would you?

3. The price should truly be reasonable. Check other websites for the real price. The more you research the better.

I am in no way somebody who has the patience to do a lot of research. I am extremely impatient. But I feel, the above 3 things are a must. The more expensive it is (of course thats subjective too) the more critical it becomes to do your homework.

If you like it then I would love to know. So, please do leave behind your comment, suggestion, insights, love notes... I am listening.

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  1. Dylana10:31 AM

    Love the Hunter boots!



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