Scarf 4 Ways : Tutorial

The Sweet Knot

This one is very simple. 
~Take a long scarf, hold onto a small portion of the end and~ 
~Wrap around the neck till you exhaust the entire length and have another small end left~
~tie them, in a gentle knot~
Thats it!

60's Scarf

I love the glamor of this hollywood style. This also is a practical style for several occasions like driving around with an open window (like movies). It covers your ears. And it makes me feel a bit like Bridget Jones!
~You need a square silk scarf for this~
~Fold the opposite corners into a triangle~
~place it on your head like picture 3~
~Take the 2 corners to the opposite direction right till behind your head~
~Tie them!~

The Wool Wrap

This is purely for winter. Btw, I have made that, so please do leave a message if you would like to see a tutorial. I think this is the coziest style ever for those harsh winter days.

~Start with the corner and keep wrapping around~
~Till you reach the last wrapping portion.~
~Take it over your face and cover till the nose~
~And just tuck it in.~

Double Knot

If you have been reading the other styles on this page then you would know that this one is the trickiest of them all. Yes, I kept the best for last.

~Fold your scarf, but keep one end longer than the other~
~A loop is made because of this~
~Take the smaller end through it.~
~Now wrap the longer end from under the knot you just made and go around~
~Once you have come around, put it through the same loop.~

I love scarves. I can wear them all year round, and not get bored. Hope you like these styles, and do let me know what you think.

Please do leave behind your comment, suggestion, insights, love notes... I am listening.

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