Here Comes Winter

It rained constantly in this part of the world for the last 2 days. It was gloomy and the first opportunity I saw I stepped out for my little shoot. However, it wasn't meant to last and it started drizzling again. After some quick shots, I shoved the camera in my bag and picked up the tripod and made a run.

Though I must say that I am very happy I took these shots yesterday, as I also realized that I may not be able to wear these just like that anymore. It was chilly and pricked like the winter chills right till my bones. Winter is here my friends, are you ready for it?

My outfit: Fur Vest - Banana Republic (similar) | Floral Top - Forever 21 | Skirt - MANGO  
Shoes - Forever 21 | Bag - Steve Madden (similar) | Nails - Revlon Perfumerie Autumn Spice

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  1. I love your yellow bag! It's gorgeous!