Simple to Sexy hair in 8 steps!

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This according to me is the easiest hairstyle ever. With right products, you  only need to pull out sections and keep curling. For short hair, this works incredibly well. Though, I must mention that I started off with blow dried hair, hence I didn't face problems with my bottom part of the hair and my fringe. I would definitely recommend you to do the same as this makes like incredibly easier! 

1. Start with a heat protection base. Just spray it all over and shake your head.
2. Leaving a little section, pull up the rest if your hair into a ponytail. 
3. Start curling, section by section. 
4. Now leave another section horizontally from, tie it up and curl the rest
5. Slowly move to the front and the sides.
6.Keep combing out once a section is done, it will stop from creating an unnatural look. Instead, you will have volume and soft waves.
7. Once done, run your fingers through your hair.
8. Finish with a volumnising spray.

Products used: 

 Not Your Mother's She's a Tease Volumizing Hairspray Not Your Mother's Beat the Heat Thermal Styling Spray Conair You Curling Wand .5" - 1"

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