Look who is Blushing?

If you are a fan of medieval English stories and films based on them, then you probably know that pinching the cheek to produce that rosy glow is critical before meeting a suitor. A bit of color does the magic. Usually we put in a lot of effort to accentuate our eyes and choosing the right color for our lips. Here are some color rescues that I have come to love over a period of time.

If you are thinking that why would I include this product as it's a bronzer and not a blush? But the fact is, the sheen in these bronzing pearls are so beautiful, that it adds the most amazing color and sheen to the cheeks. 

L'Oréal True Match Super Blendable Blush Apricot Kiss

I think they are being honest when they say super blendable! 

Oh I am in love or what? This product has the most awesome effect on your cheeks. You would glow like a morning dew. The only negative is, why is it in that jar? You can also use it on your lips and eyes. However, for your lips pair it with a light lip balm. 

Another favorite. I think I totally love this color. This is the perfect product, if you are traveling to that beach resort and you want a multi functioning product (which by the way most products are). It's beautiful on your skin gives you glow. Even better it's in a stick. 

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