Tuna in Filo Appetizers

Makes 12

-o- Tuna
-o- Mustard sauce - few squirts
-o- Fish sauce - few squirts
-o- Soya sauce - few squirts
-o- Salt and Pepper
-o- Filo cups - 12
-o- Mint chutney - Just a drop in each
-o- Green Chillis - apprx 2
-o- Smoked gouda cheese - Few pieces

-o- Cut up the tuna in slices.

-o- Add salt & pepper, Fish sauce, Soya sauce and Mustard sauce to the fish and a dash of olive oil. Mix them.

-o- Take a pan and heat oil. Now add the tuna and cook for few minutes till its completely cooked.

-o- Take a bit of it in a filo cup, then add a dash of mint chutney, a thin slice of green chilli. Top it with a small piece of Gouda and microwave it for a minute.

Tip:- Have it with Cabernet Sauvignon, they are a fantastic pair.

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