The World Cup Snacks!

Did you guys watch the World cup between Brazil and Germany? I mean what was that.

Anyways, what I know out of all this is, to have enough nourishment, to keep up with all tat excitement. Try scallops!

Ingredients :-

-o- 1/2 Pound Scallops
-o- 1tsp Chopped Garlic
-o- 1/4 Cup White Wine
-o- As per taste - Crushed Black Pepper
-o- 1tbsp Butter
-o- Olive Oil

Recipe :-

-o- Take a pan and drop in a little oil and heat it. Put in the scallop and let it brown on one side. Once its brown in color turn sides. Repeat.

-o- Take the Scallops off on a dish and scrape the remaining on the pan. Add a dash of wine and keep adding little by little. Then add the Garlic.

-o- Turn the heat off and add the butter and crushed blackpepper and mix quickly.

-o- Place the scallops on a dish and spoon out the gravy on the scallops.

-o- Enjoy!

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