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When I start cleaning my bedroom, I first stand at the door, look at the room and think ‘where do I start?’ This write up, I am hoping will not just help you but also help me go about cleaning the bedroom in a more organized manner. And also, it’s something I have tried and I know it works.
1. Clean & Clutter less – Clean up clutter as much as possible. The impact is huge. Clean up the floor, keep the bed uncluttered. It’s not possible to do it every day though, but even if you do it once a week, it’s great.

-o- Start with the bed – Clear up if you have clutter under your bed. You don’t have to do this every day, but just once. And after that, you just need to remember to not put anything there. You’ll appreciate the circulation of air. Why not add a couple of days during the week in the calendar and share the job with your partner?

-o- Clean the floor – probably just once a week, but do it. The floor can end up having a lot of dust and germs. If you are allergic to pollens or dust then you know what I am talking about. Divide it with your partner or the other grownups in your family and then divide the house amongst you. We divide the living room and the bedroom between Me and M. I do the living room while he does bedroom. If you don’t keep too many things on the floor, then you would notice how fast and smooth this can be. Invest in a couple of brooms and vacuum cleaners and it could actually be fun.

-o- Clear up your side tables – I don’t know if this happens with you, but I usually tend to keep my side table full. My lamp, lip balm, hand cream, photo frame, a bottle of water, a scented candle and this list is never-ending. And my suggestion is not to remove them all. Instead keep a tray. That way it will be easier to clean. If possible, keep a couple of trays and divide and conquer. However, if you can cut down, then that will be great!

2. Keep flowers, not plants – Believe it or not flowers are great for bedroom.  Don’t keep them next to your bed though. Keep them at a desk or another cupboard or convenient place in the room. The flowers tend to undergo a slow process of rotting, and one should not be inhaling it while sleeping. As for plants, it’s what we learnt in school that they release carbon dioxide during the dark hours, which is not good for inhalation.

3. Have a study table – Believe me, it’s important! You can make a beautiful pin up board right above and a slate board too. It just not adds aesthetic value but is also useful. You might be using your laptop while sitting on your couch or your bed right now, but doctors say that it’s not the most advisable thing to do. One should sit at a table of right height and use a chair with arm rest and use that laptop. Also, it can be a great place to store all your magazines and letters. Some of those letters are important and you don’t want them lying open in your living room, would you?

4. Keep Scented candles – The most inexpensive of the lot. It can be very romantic too. I remember, when we were hit by Sandy, we didn’t have electricity for a couple of days. Me an M would light up scented candles by our bedsides and have a drink. It was quite a good time. I would however recommend some music and AC / heater too during the normal circumstances. It can be a very relaxing experience.

5. Have 2 kinds of drapes – Have 2 layer of drapes. A light cotton one and a heavy one. The light cotton one will allow you to let the light enter when you need it and the heavy ones will let you sleep till late when you want to.

There are many more things that one can do with the bedroom. One spends a lot of time there, and the most important thing to remember in the bedroom is that one should be able to relax and have a great night sleep, if nothing else. Too much clutter makes sleep difficult according to some sources and I am sure you have felt that too. A clean bedroom gives that feeling of lightness and relaxation.

Hope you found this useful. Let me know your feedback.

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