Texture and Volume for Short Hair

Short hair is great, but short hair also tends to fall flat sometimes and can look too polished the other times. Thinking of that I wanted to give my hair some volume and texture. Its very easy, and no heat, unless you are in a mad rush. Here is how to achieve this look :-
  1. Start with damp hair
  2. Take a little coin sized dollop of Hair mousse.
  3. Apply it evenly, concentrating on the crown area. Stay closer to root for volume.
  4. If you have bangs like me, take care of that first. Blow dry it. 
  5. Now start picking little random sections of hair with a tailcomb
  6. twist it and roll it into a little knot
  7. pin it
  8. start from front and move to back.
  9. Now, if you have time then keep it on for an hour or so, depending on how long it takes to dry. If you dont want to wait, then use a hair dryer.
  10. once dried, start taking off the pins
  11. run your fingers through it.
  12. Chances are that the ends will look frizzy. 
  13. use a nourishing serum. About 2-3 pumps should be enough. Again it depends on the dryness of your hair and how much volume you need, as the serum is used to ease the frizziness and tame down the hair.
  14. Run your palms and fingers through your hair loosely.
Products used:-

John Frieda Hot Air BrushTRESemme Curl Care Flawless Curls Extra Hold MousseConair Brush Tourmaline Ceramic Tail CombConair Roller Clips

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  1. Thanks Joyce! Was lounging around your blog. Love the pictures!

  2. Alexis10:42 PM

    I'm going to try this even though I have long hair. he he he...

    Check out my fashion blog! xo


  3. Great! was checking your blog, love your style :)