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I usually invest quite a bit on my eye makeup. I love bold under eye, vibrant upper eye, subtle eyes with browns. See them here, here, here and here. Its obvious that I have a list of my personal favorites. Beauty routine doesn't stop with he make up we wear but also the care we take.Hence this list includes them all.

1.Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube - Original (Click here)

I started liking it only once I realize that, after applying and a blending in the little dot of the product you need to let it dry. So I apply it after my foundation then finish my face makeup and then move on to the eyes. My make up stays put all day and looks great too as it's really easy to blend.

2.Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner in Deep Ivy Green (Click here)

I love it because it dries just right. Neither too late not too early. I have had issues with gel liners where it would dry up even before I would finish applying and sometimes it would stay so wet that it would smudge. I like this one, it never gets too dry or smudge. Also deep ivy green is a great color for that 'bit' of drama!

3.CLINIQUE Airbrush Concealer Illuminates, Perfects (Click here)

It does everything that the product promises. However, I stay away from it on a day that my skin feels dry. It can soak in moisture, which is not always required. It's applicator is great though, makes it very easy to apply, not just around the eyes as a concealer, but as a highlighter too. In fact it doesn't accentuate the pores too!

4.LancĂ´me Dual End Smudger and Liner Brush (Click here )

Convenience, convenience and just some more convenience. I am not an artist and don't have steady enough hands to get the perfect kitten eyes. It's slanted tip makes it very easy to apply and the smudger on the other end makes sure that even if it's not perfect it can still look great. This one is easy to use and for that price, it doesn't really matter even.

5.VICHY Laboratories LiftActiv Eyes (Click here)

I am getting older. Though I wish it was the other way round, I also like to prevent the signs. I don't have deep wrinkles yet, but I want to prevent. I did have some fine lines and a touch of dark circles under my eyes, which seems to be going away. Especially the fine lines.

Hope this review was useful. Would love to know what you think. So, please do leave behind your comment, suggestion, insights, love notes... I am listening.

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