Do you use Picasa?

Since I have started blogging, I have been reading up a lot. I did that earlier too, but now with a renewed perspective. My biggest observation have been, and I work on that everyday so that I can improve and become better everyday, the visual appeal. A blog that looks clean and beautiful definitely scores much better than the one that is not. DO you remember that girl in school, who had the neatest notebook, with occasional cute doodles and neat placement of writing and you thought, "how does she do it?"

Well I just think, for those 'who are not born with it', it comes with practice. Its not un-doable at all, with all the facilities available its even more doable than ever.

The biggest attraction on the blogs are the images. Especially in the fashion, beauty or lifestyle space. I know people who go to a blog and just glance through images. Its the generation of visual culture with social media apps like Instagram and Pinterest, 'words are only words'.

I use a certain tools. Though I personally believe the key lies in the perfect photography. That photo, which doesn't need a touching up is the best visual. Most of the time, I just use tools to adjust the brightness and the contrast and then crop the images. However, being from advertising has its advantages. My familiarity with Photoshop and Illustrator, has been immensely helpful, for my 'feeling-creative' days. But for more frequent use, I use the Picasa 3, and I swear by it. Given below are some effects created on the Picasa3.

Its amazing how much something as 'basic' as the Picasa3 can do. It can brighten up, disappear blemishes, change your image into a work of art or create a collage. It does have restrictions too and is not as extravagant as the dear photoshop, but those are for the experts and let them handle it. For those of us, bursting with creative juices and just wants a medium to express it better, Picasa 3 is great.

In case you are wondering:-

Eyes - Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner in Ivy Green
Eye Shadow - UD Electric Palette in Freak
Lips - Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Wildflower

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  1. I’ve used Picasa in the past to get pictures side by side, but haven’t edited with them before. I need to play around with that feature!