Packing for a Beach Vacation

I feel vacation time is here and hooray to that. The biggest stress out before vacationing is to pack. Not carry stuff that you won't need but definitely carry stuff that you do. And if you are a budget traveler like me and M then space has to be utilized well as you will be traveling light.

Here are few things that I would cover in this section. If I miss out anything, please do feel free to add to the comment box below!

But before that I would like to mention that this post will be for a beach vacation, as we are headed out to St. Martins this weekend. We plan to stay there for a week and make our days full of beer and sea-food, shop duty-free and snorkel all day long.

This is how I start planning usually.

1. I check the weather.
2. How long is the trip?
3. Make a list!

Now while making a list, I make 3 separate lists

1. Clothes
2. Accessories
3. Products & Cosmetics

My beach vacations are always on the beach during the day and nights, partying or dining somewhere. For a short beach vacation its essential to carry along a swimwear, even if you dont swim. Swimwears dry quickly and if you are on the beach, chances are you will get into the water, even if you are not swimming. If possible, carry a couple. Carry some light-weight tshirts and shorts. Alongwith all these, one never knows when it can start getting chilly, best to be prepared, hence carry along a denim or a pyjama. Of course you will take shorts along.

2. Accessories

Accessories are important on a beach vacation. They not only can make you look stylish, but are also critical, for eg: Sunglasses and hair elastics.

3. products and makeup

Though we are longing to see the sun, they can be quite harsh on our skin too. Make sure you protect your skin well. Wear your sunscreen on your skin and lip balm on your lips. Cover your eyes with your best shades and you are ready. And yes for make up, choose bronzer, mascara, and a coral shades for your lips and see heads turn!

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