La Perfumerie!

I walked into this room, and the moment I stepped in I knew where I was. A mixed heady smell of different perfumes swirl and swivel around you and almost confuses your senses. The girl who knows that I like Vanilla or floral or Fruity fragrances, is not sure anymore. The scent hits you. But then that's the life of a perfumer. Such was my experience at Tijon Perfumerie in St. Martin

The class started with a little bit of theory that of course included the famous Chanel No 5 and the Eu De Cologne and some other interesting information. Followed by a sensory exploration of some of Tijon's own perfumes. And guess what, you actually get to take along the one you like! So choose wise...

It follows with exploration of various scents, A test!...yes test! then an experience of a perfumer, which is right from finding the right smell to testing till bottling the final product. The owners John and Cindy are amazingly attentive and take you through this experience, like you were born to do this. In the end, everyone toasts with champagne and takes along the Perfume they make alongwith a bag 'Full' of goodies, which are all Tijon products! and all have SPF except the perfumes of course.

For more info, visit Tijon

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