Get Smooth Legs

And body...

It has taken me some time to figure how to get the perfect smooth legs and body after a shave. My first challenge was to not get nicks and cuts, as that can show really bad. We all know that, just because we have all suffered it! I have figured that the best way to avoid them is to be extremely attentive. Sounds silly? but its true! I have always been an absent minded person and that's why it took me a while to reach this eureka moment. But now, I have complete access to amazingly smooth skin by just following few simple steps:

1. Shaving

I always shave either after a swim or a hot shower/bath. It opens up the pores and makes it much more softer at the roots. A very close and gentle shaving razor is important. Also, to avoid cuts, I am specifically more carefully around my ankles and toes and my knees. These are the are bones and I need to be careful about digging in that razor.

For the shaving gel, I have used the Gilette for so many years that I cant even remember. However, I realized that though its great for getting a close shave, sometime its better to use a moisturizing bath foam like Nivea for a very soft skin. I have also heard great things about L'occitane shower oil for shaving, and since I am a fan myself of L'occitane, I totally believe it. Though I haven't used it myself yet though.

The disposable razors, with built-in gel that contains Vitamin E are also great like Venus Gilette Breeze. Its also very easily available at all drugstores.

2. Body Scrub

I am a huge fan of scrubs. I keep looking for scrubs, both face and body and the moment something is out I go get it. Some of my favorites are SabonNYC & Nivea Touch of Renewal

Once you are done shaving, this is the greatest tip that can give you that fab glowing skin. Use a body scrub. And use something that gives you that amaaaaazing skin, which means something coarse and oil-based like Sabon! It leaves my skin smooth and touchable.

You can also make them at home, if you don't want to spend the bucks, as the recipe is extremely simple too. I have tried this a couple of times, and this works. Take 1/2 cup Sugar and 1/2 cup baby oil. Throw in the juice of an entire lime or lemon. Mix them together and use!.

3. After Shave

There is a reason why men use after-shaves. Its antisceptic for those accidental cuts and also a pore shrinker. I use this, and this leaves behind a cooling and tingling sensation, and hence I know its working. One should also use it if they want to avoid in-growths. If you can't find your own and are in a hurry, then grab your guy's after-shave.

4. Moisturize!

Cant emphasize this enough. This is another most critical trick, to achieve smooth skin. I like the Vaseline body milk. Sabon again has some fantastic collection that gives you the out-of-the-spa experience.


  1. Vatsala Bisen7:34 AM

    Love the tips! I didn't know body scrubs could smoothen my skin out after a shave. Will def try and let you know how it worked for me!

  2. yeah. It works :)