The 'Hard' Life

The best part about camp cooking is making easy food. Not because you are lazy, but because you don't have the means available that easily. I feel that's the fun! I made some mushroom this time for breakfast and alongwith it we had some chicken sausages and some grilled slices of onion and tomato slices. And believe me, it was one of the most sumptuous meal we had in a while.

You will need :
Aluminium foil. 2 square pieces, big enough to hold it all.
Mushroom - Sliced and Washed
Butter - A generous block
Salt & Pepper
Dry Basil and Thyme

Place the mushroom on the aluminium foils first, then add all the ingredients on top of it.

Hold the four corners and bring them together to form a pouch.

Place it on the oven for a while. The duration will depend on the strength of the flame. We took about 15 mins, as the flame was low.

And take it off the fire. Be careful when you do that, as the foil will be hot and covered with soot. Use a paper towel. And enjoy!

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