Thank you for the Music

I was never trained to Sing. Nor was I trained to play. But I used to sing as a child and desired to play. For some reason I did not. Its not that my parents didn't encourage me, because they sent me to a dance school.

I got trained in Kathak (Indian Classical Dance form) for a while. When I was growing up and got out of school I met this big lot of friends in my college days. And its quite surprising that, we all turned to be good friends. We all probably bonded, because we had music in u,s in some form. Either we liked to sing or play or some of us liked to just listen and enjoy. Sometimes you need people to appreciate too :)

After I moved places, I missed my friends. Its difficult to call them all the time, and its never the same as it used to be. But after I am over the phase of missing-them-and-feeling-sad to enjoy-the-moment-with-them-in-my-heart phase the thing that reminds me of my friends the most is music. I bought a guitar recently. I always wanted to, but never did. And I intend to learn it as well. However, right now I am just enjoying the pretentious me! Hope you enjoy it too.

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