My Beauty Box - Part 1

I was going over my stock of beauty products and I realized I actually own tons of product. Which I have used and formed opinion about them so now I have decided to reveal it to you.

1. Laura Mercier - Lip Glace in Wildflower

Love the color. If I apply just this, then thats all I need. It perks me up on a dull day. Bright, Fresh and Lovely.Current status: Loving it!

2. Nars - The Multiple in Orgasm

The Name stands for what it suggests. Beautiful color. Apart from the fact that it is ridiculously convenient, they have some awesome colors in this collection. If used rightly then it can actually create the Victoria's Secret look. No Kidding.Current status: Sexy and Convenient!

3. Butter - Nail Polish

Beautiful color. Beautiful finish. Only problem is the brush, I hope it was a bit thicker.
Current Status: Classy color!

4. Urban Decay - Electric Palette

If you have been following my blog and seen this, this and this then you know why!
Current Status: How did they even come up with this palette? Its Awesome! 

5. Korres - Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Sleeping Facial

I was looking for a overnight facial with a not-so-strong but soothing aroma and extremely effective. I have a tendency to wake up with dry skin in the morning, no matter what I do, which doesn't happen anymore. However, word of caution would be that apply it on a very clean face as it has pore tightening properties. Current Status: Makes me glow!

What's your favorite? I would love to know and have a conversation with you. So, please do leave behind your comment, suggestion, insights, love notes... I am listening. Also, if you are a blogger dont forget to reach out to me here

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