Wear to Work - Orange

If you remember one of my earlier posts, I claimed orange to be a big color this season. But how could it be if I didnt keep my own word, and never used it. So here is another addition to my Wear to Work series where am gonna suggest wearing 'Orange ' to work! yes, you read this right.

What if I told you that you can wear orange eye shadows to work. And I am not talking only about those who have the privilege to be funky at work, but those who have dress codes to follow. Yes, its doable. And here we also, have to keep in mind that we are gonna have very limited time to do this. Rush hour guys. So, lets find out how:

Once you are done with your foundation, concealer, powder routine start with your bronzer at the hollow of your cheek. Keep blending in circular motion on both sides till you have blended it all evenly.

Apply a shimmery light color like silver or another neutral subtle color that compliments you.

Apply the orange now, starting at the outer corner of your eyes. Do not be too generous with the color, as we want to keep it subtle. Also, be careful about choosing the orange, and pick up the one that goes with your skin tone.

Similarly apply it on the lower lid

Apply mascara on both upper and lower lids

Apply lipstick. I used a neutral, brownish shade that compliments my skin tone.

Products that I used

Bronzer - No7 Perfectly Bronze
Eye Shadow - Urban decay electric palette (Revolt and Slowburn)
Mascara - Covergirl Lashblast fusion
Lipstick - L'oreal 180 Silky Java
White shirt - MNG See here
Pair it with a grey trouser and black jacket (coming soon)

Are there ideas that you would like to share? I would love to know and have a conversation with you. So, please do leave behind your comment, suggestion, insights, love notes... I am listening.

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