Rebellious Me

I was never a rebellious child. No huge problem bringing me up. But I had these rebellious streaks since childhood. While I was speaking to mum today, she suddenly reminded me of this incident when I was 4years old. I used to learn to dance. I was sent, because, my grandmother one day saw me dancing by myself, and she herself being an artistic person thought that this flair should be pursued by training. I was sent to a dance school.

So mum recalls, one day when she was on her way to pick me up from the dance school, she saw this big crowd outside the dance school. It was on the ground floor of a cottage, open space. She was definitely mortified, thinking of all the possible bad things. Then as she walked close and reached, walking through the little crowd, she saw that the dance instructor was playing a music with his musical instrument and vocals and I was dancing. Alone.

Later it seems the instructor, semi-complained to mum saying that I refused to dance with others, on a music not chosen by me. I wanted things my way. At age 4!

So I believe even if we look like the perfect miss-goody-two-shoes, we all have a rebellious side to us. So whats your rebel story?

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