In 'Fusion' - Tea

I think infusion is on top of my mind right now. First the infused oils and now tea. 2 most consumed things of my life. Now, lets get onto the tea, shall we?

Infused Hot Tea

I love the spa like treat, that's why I keep buying these scented candles, a bundle of toiletries and drink cups and cups of tea. Different kinds, but yes, tea. Today I tried something on my own.I do make these once in a while, by sometimes adding a stick of cinnamon or sometimes a little honey.

This is the easiest recipe ever. Take a cup and fill it with water, drop in a tea bag that you like, I used Earl Grey, but even mint would be great! Added few peppercorn, may be about 10, about 5-6cloves, a tiny piece of lime, 3 thin sticks of cinnamon a tablespoon of honey (for that 'un' sinful dose of sweetness) and then put it in the microwave for a minute and a half. And you are done. Burn a candle alongside, that you love and get into a warm bath. You'll love it!

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