Bold Wide Eye

We are all so beautiful, with beautiful features, meant just for us, and our face, I feel, a little less stereotyping thoughts, we can find beauty in everyone. In a very quirky manner, or in a different way. This thought has always intrigued me, that why do we think someone is hot while the other one pretty. Why cant they be all beautiful? Why was a bushy eye brow imperfect a couple of years back, while in vogue now? Could it be because, someone just walked off with her bushy eyebrow with so much confidence that we now believe that that's the right thing to have? thought provoking. I think its a deep need for social acceptability for some perhaps, art for some and a mix of both for some.

Wide eyes is another such phenomenon. Though I feel, its not entirely just beauty, but the art of portraying that "hey, I am awake" :)

Here is a little trick, of doing smokey with eyes wide open. The simple trick is that instead of joining the lines at the outer corner, do it inside. And there you go. Try it and let me know if this worked for you. For me it did.

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