A Morning Walk

I probably dwell in the past forever. I like to think about happy times, and sad time in the past. I have an excellent memory they say, but it doesnt always make me happy. A good memory can sometimes be a burden too. But as of now, I am happy!

I remember the day I arrived here. Newport, Jersey City. It was the 8th of March 2012 and 2 days later M had to get back to work. He had already taken a very long leave, for the marriage, and traveling back and forth to India. So, being in the situation I decided to step out on a fine Monday morning and walked towards Exchange Place. It has an excellent deck with a view of the Freedom Tower (Earlier the WTC). It was chilly and the roads empty. I was so depressed to see the empty roads I almost had tear in my eyes. Coming from Mumbai, India, empty roads are a dream to some, and for people like me, a nightmare. And the first thought that came to my mind was, why am I here? I like to see people around, and there wasn't a soul. Now when I look back, I of course realise that, its an insane idea to step out in that kind of cold, and more importantly, on a weekday...people go to work, you know! and not roam around on the roads.

We recently complete 2 years of marriage. And just a glance back, I feel it has been a long journey. A new location in a new country, new relationships with a new person, family, friends...it doesn't really work out the same way you get new clothes. Its not that easy. But I have been lucky. Knock knock.


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