3 Summer Hairstyles

With summer coming on, I can only think of pulling my hair up together and making a bun out of it. Easy. Period. However, something fancy would do too, as long as its simple and in this process accessories go a long way and so does simple hairstyles.


-o- Section the hair at the back of your head into 8
-o- Starting from the right-most section start twisting it into a bun and pin it up.
-o- Take the next section and twist then wrap it around the first.
-o- Similarly take the section close to the middle partition and twist into a bun. And then take the section next to it and wrap it around.
-o- Don't worry about the extra loose pieces, as they will actually add up to the look.
-o- Accessorize if you like or let it be.

The Sidekick

-o- Take the entire hair to one side
-o- Twist it and form into a bun
-o- Secure it tightly
-o- Accessorize.

-o- Take the entire hair to one-side.
-o- Make a french braid
-o- Tighten with a rubber-band
-o- Accessorize.

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