The last of snow...

We visited Killington this weekend.Before the snow bids adieu, we had to be there. 

Now before telling you about all that, here is a little introduction. I am from a place where it doesn't snow. Forget snow, there is no winter, its Mumbai. Fabulous city, but no winter. You need the AirCon to keep you in good spirits all year long. 

 So, when I first attempted skiing, I was literally in tears as I couldn't even manage to get onto my skiis and stand straight on my own. And mind you, if you didn't know that already, I am not 5yrs but on 6times the multiple of that. I have my days when I think to myself...Am I old?

However, it was delightful to be on the Vermont slopes of Killington, and try my feet. I, of course took classes, and I have to mention that the instructors are experienced, thorough and fabulous. And yes. That means that after 3 sessions of coaching I have finally learnt to skii now. So kudos to me!
 However, I have to confess, that the charm of going for this trip is just not the skiing. Its the regular trip to the cafeteria for the Beef Chilli and Hot chocolate (with a sufficient topping of marshmallows of course:))

I think it was such a great trip, that we might go back again next year. Actually we would, even if I have a broken feet, just to have the beef chilly and the hot chocolate and watch the snow and the sun and stare at its beauty.