Madeleines - And my scandalous love affair!

Would you believe if I say that I didnt know of its existence, till a couple of years back?

Have you experienced true love? You meet somebody in a way, as if it were meant to be, and then you stick around together, no matter what, as if there was no other way it could be. Thats what I am talking about. My love affair, with these tiny shell- like sweet darlings :)

I love my cup of tea, or several cups of tea as I am a self-confessed tea-addict. And what I love even more are these madeleines to be an accompaniment while I have my cuppa.

Here is my recipe, which is not an exclusive recipe and everyone probably make their's the same way. But then, this is how I do it:

-o- 1 Special Madeleine baking tray
-o- 2 Eggs
-o- 1/2cup All-purpose flour
-o- 1/2 Slab Butter
-o- 2 Tea bags of Earl Grey
-o- A pinch of Salt
-o- 1/3 cup Sugar
-o- 1tsp Vanilla extract
-o- Little over a cup of Milk or as much needed to achieve the desired consistency


-o- Set the oven at 350 F
-o- Melt the butter and dip the tea bags. Keep it for half an hour.
-o- Add sugar and beat well
-o- Add Eggs. Beat.
-o- Add  Vanilla extract. Mix.
-o- Add flour + salt. Mix
-o- Mix well
-o- The consistency should be pouring, Add milk to achieve it.
-o- Grease the baking tray with butter
-o- Pour 1 tbsp at a time into each slot. Make sure to fill just half way, as it tends to swell.
-o- Put it in the oven for 20mins or whenever it achieves the desired golden brown crust.
-o- Bring it out and cool it.
-o- Enjoy!

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