I don't know how did I forget about this one. In fact how could I ever forget it. This was my trip to Ladakh (India) from Manali (India) by road on bikes for a distance of roughly 350miles. And mind you this is not an easy road by any stretch of imagination. You are totally at the mercy of mother earth and harshest climatic conditions. But at the same time, please trust me when I say this, its so beautiful, that you would never forget! never ever in your life! In fact I know a lot of people who keep going back every year, year after year...

 We were 6 friends, with 3 bikes

Its amazing that how much diversity can you deal with at a distance that is even less than 350miles. I saw green plains, rolling hills, plateu desert on the peak called tanglang la. Its amazing to see how less can you expect. I can go back here again and again and then again, for the rest of my life. Would I? I dont know, lets leave that mystery alone :)

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