Introducing....Wednesday Wishlist!!!!

I was Once told that the power of intentions are strong. And I kind of believe that. Good things have happened to me in life, and things that I thought should had been different, had a good outcome in the end. In the end, it all fell into place. So, now I am not making a note in my little secret diary meant for God and Santa, but in my blog, for everyone. But then, am gonna behave human here. I want some materialistic things this time, er..., actually most of the time. After all didn't somebody say, "Money cant buy happiness but, it can get you awfully close"

So here is my first list for this Thursday. March 13th 2014

I like this tweed jacket. Very stylish and springlike. A start of spring, cocktail favorite. Good for after work drinks. It can be elegant yet casual.

Boss Tweed Jacket

This statement piece by the luxury women's ready-to-wear clothing designer Joseph Altuzarra, is very chic. A fantastic accompaniment for a Sunday brunch, white flowing dress. I think it goes very well with white, black, bottle green, bubble gum pink. Can you think of more colors? Then write to me.

Altazurra Statement Jewelery

Bibhu Mohapatra
I think I feel earthy. A lovely green on black is my favorite. What I like more is the way the green has been carried over to the black. Very Stylish!

Bibhu Mohapatra

Hussein Chalayan has become my favorite this season. I love the way these garments flow and form around the body. He plays the shape-and-form game so well. I love this piece. And again it’s earthy, so all the more reasons to love J

Hussein Chalayan

Dries Van Noten
Do you remember?
Starry, starry night.
Paint your palette blue and grey,
Look out on a summer's day,
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul. By Don Mc Lean
That’s the song it reminded me of when I saw this statement piece at first. Mmmm….Dreamy!

Dries Van Noten Statement Jewelery


Hope you liked my picks!

Please do share your wishlist too....


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