I can fly

My dream is to fly, over the rainbow so high

I bought this deal on on LivingSocial for Learn to Fly at the Global Aviation Corp at Long Island in NY, and I thought that this is my opportunity. It was a 2 hour long lesson for me and M. We could choose an airport within a certain radius and we chose Bridgeport at Connecticut. It was the most unexpectedly amazing experience of my life.

I have decided to make this year the year of adventures, and surely there are more coming up. But looking at the way it has started, it looks way more promising than I thought it would be. I had an experienced instructor sitting next to me, with controls. Of course. And we cruised through the wind above the beautiful, blue Hudson. It was fabulous, and I would recommend it to everyone!

Stole : Forever 21
Pink tote : Forever 21
Overcoat : Forever 21
White denim jacket : H&M
Belt :Aldo
Booties: H&M

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