This Shawl/Stole is a gift from my mother. She bought it for me when she had gone on a holiday thinking that she would gift it to me when I get married. Its amazing how lucky one can be, to be in people's thoughts all the time, even when your are not with them. I never imagined, that life would turn out so exciting and full of love. May be I am talking about the realization of love, for, it was always there. Loving parents, friends, family an now husband.

Last year when I visited India, it turned out rather sad. I lost my grandmother and a close friend. They were both suffering and were ill. But the strangest part is though I was in India at that time, I was not present in that city when it happened. When my grandmother passed away I was in Mumbai, and already had plans to visit her 2 days later. But it happened 2 days before than that. And my friend passed away, when I had left for Kolkata already. 2 days before I was supposed to. 

I have realized that I haven't been able to accept it completely. Deaths of 2 close people, together is unacceptable. Sometimes I get up in the morning thinking that, may be things could be different. But then it couldn't be, Could it?

But for now, I think of it very selfishly and want to acknowledge the people who have me in their thoughts, because I don't want to reach late this time.

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