A Weekend Brunch - and the Labor of 'Love'

A weekend brunch is very special in my house. At least one of the days between Saturday and Sunday, we need to have that. Its the time when me and M are together in the kitchen, preparing for that big meal, and chatting, listening to some loud music in the background, with and occasional dance or a jig or 2. It clearly is the fun time.

Today's was special too. I made an avocado meal sandwich.

-o-4 slices of garlic flavored bread. (that's what I used, but  you can use whatever you feel like having that day).
-o- 2 avocados. Half of 1 avocado sliced rest mashed.
-o- 1 whole Oil cured red pepper
-o- 4 slices of bacon. Low fat variety
-o- 2 Eggs
-o- Salt & Pepper
-o- olive oil

-o- Cut 4 slices of the loaf and heat it gently.
-o- Mash the Avocados and mix little salt
-o- Cook the bacon and the 2 sunny side ups
-o- Assemble:
--o--Place the slices
--o--Drizzle olive oil
--o--Put the mashed avocado
--o--Place shards of red pepper
--o--Then Bacon,
--o--Place the 2 slices together and place the egg on top. Repeat.

Please do try this at home and let me know, what you think


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