Mascaporne Ice Cream & Candied Clementines

Mascaporne Ice Cream

  • 1 cup condensed milk
  • 1 cup mascaporne
  • 1 cup Whipping cream
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 1tsp vanilla essence

| Beat the egg yolks and keep aside

| In a pan, heat the condensed milk, whipping cream and vanilla essence and warm the liquids till they are all mixed, but not boiling.

| Add the back to the egg yolk very slowly, while you keep beating the eggs.

| Now pour back the whole mixture back into the same pan and heat it on low heat. Make sure not to boil and keep stirring constantly for about 10-15 minutes.

| Take it off the heat and mix the mascarpone well, while stirring constantly.

| Now pour it all back to the mixing bowl, which should be placed directly on a bigger bowl full of ice cubes.

| Stir a little and store in an air tight container.

| Put it in the freezer and let it solidify.

candied clementines

  • 2 clementines
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • Few drops of vanilla essence

| Peel 2 clementines and put it in the boiling water

| After it has boiled and reduced add vanilla essence first and then the sugar. Make sure you dont add too much vanilla, as you dont want to kill the flavor of the clementines.

| Boil till it becomes syrupy and sticky. The best way to find out is the puck up the ladle, cool it a little till you can touch and then feel the syrup between the thumb and the middle finger.

| Once its done, spoon it over the ice cream and enjoy


Lucky Find

During fall it's our favorite thing to set off for a surprise location. We wear our hiking boots, carry few fruits and carry a few layers to cover ourselves. This Sunday while we were driving off to the bear mountains, we changed our mind and turned towards New Jersey. As we were driving around we came across this beautiful state park and it was gorgeous. Our treasure hunt had paid off!

Outfit Details : Jacket - ZARA | Sweater - ASOS | Shoes - Woodland 


Fall Makeup Tutorial

Fall makeup for me is all about some glow and berry pink lips. Scroll down for the tutorial!

Product Details


Step 1: Started off with some thick layer of under eye brightening concealer. Then tapped to blend.
Step 2: Applied a shimmery neutral shade on my lid for some fresh glow.
Step 3: Used a dark brown eyeshadow stick to draw crease
Step 4: Used same stick to defining lower lid and blended both
Step 5: Used highlighter to create a glow at all the placed I wanted to. On high point of the cheek, above the cupid bow.
Step 6: Lined the upper lid with a brown pencil and blended. lined the lower water line.
Step 7: Used a lip and cheek gel for cheeks & lips


Fall Picnic

Fall is here my lovelies and we have been looking for colors. With a little luck, we did find what we sought and for safe measures carried along a little picnic basket. A fall picnic is one of my favorite things. Just pick up one or a couple of cheese, prosciutto, couple of apples, chocolates and crackers. While we are on our way, we pick up a couple of hot chocolates.  The spot we pick up usually has a lake, not only for aesthetics of the photo but also, because it proves out to be a great spot for Margo to swim. We usually refer to the Fall foliage map and set out.

Picnic Basket - Target | Cheese Board - Amazon | Cheese Knife Set - Anthropologie | Mugs - Target


Fall Burgundy Makeup

Fall is here and my makeup has made a swift little turn. I hydrate my skin little more and try to keep it dewy. My makeup products are much more nourishing for this time of the year. I have been wearing this makeup for the last week now and its a very simple, few products look. Bronzer has a big roll so when I have a bit more time I use a color correction palette for overall contouring. If you want to see the color correction process then let me know in the comment box below.

I started with the Tarte Color Correction palette and then blended it all with my Tarte Foundation Brush. Then I pumped out the Chanel Vitalumiere Moisture Rich Foundation. Its a very hydrating foundation with SPF 15 which is a great combination for this time of the year.

After I blended the foundation with the same brush I moved onto my eyebrows.

I like to keep my lips looking nourished and berry-tinted during fall and my eyebrows to be bold. Though my eyebrows don't need filling in it has a tendency to be droopy. So I drew the outline for it where it could stay put and simply combed it with the brush that came along with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.

For my eyes and cheek, I used the same bronzer from Bodyshop. I just fake the crease of my eyes lightly and finish up with the mascara.

Then I take a fluffy brush to draw a bit of contour as well as color to the area under my cheek. I find the hollow of my cheeks and keep emphasizing. Then I used the Tom Ford Bicoastal blush and apply it just at the top of my cheeks. A very light dusting.

And finally, I finish up with this lipstick by Lancome's Rouge in Love (275M Jolie Rosalie natural mauve)!