Sweat-Proof Summer Makeup

Summer might feel indecisive about its arrival in my area, but I feel its best to be prepared. The layers of sticky foundation and primer and a moisturizer and an oil and other things are going to be a no no. I would rather stick to just enough moisturizing for my skin to feel hydrated, because my face is a combination of oily & dry so the nose takes a minute to shine up and the pores to show. I would rather get clever with my highlighter.

Once I finished concealing on a well hydrated face I started off with my eyes. I applied Dior Mono in Chimere on my lid and MAC Woodwinked on the crease.

Touched a dab of highlighter on parts of my face and merged it well. So once I applied powder it would all blend well and look like a natural glow.

I then finished off with some liner, mascara and finally some power. I chose a tinted face powder over any translucent since I had not applied a foundation.

Finally finished off with some blush & lipstick.

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How To Conceal Under Eyes

From my experience concealing under eye is the most critical part of any makeup. The eye issues show up more prominently than anything else on the skin. In case of discoloration or darkness it becomes even more difficult to cover it all up without looking cakey. And the trick here is to, not overdo it. Even if you are applying several layers, each of them should have merged seamlessly. Its also important to choose the right product for you.

First I apply few dots straight from my Tarte 24hr concealer, under my eyes in a circular form. Then with a sponge I blend it seamlessly. If you need more then apply and repeat. However, I wouldn't recommend too much product, if you want to avoid creasing.

Once everything has blended, use a highlighting pen like either Clinique, L'oreal Age Renewal or YSL Touche Eclat and apply a few stroke

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Bringing Up A Labrador Retriever

If you have missed 'all' the posts on Margo then let me introduce him to you. He is a year and a month old Labrador Retriever "puppy". Well I still call him a puppy because he still behaves like one.  It still feels like yesterday when we ran downstairs (since we live in a condo) every hour so that he could relieve himself. but that would not be it. He would want to then go out and play. And God forbid, he is spotted by a human looking at him lovingly. Margo would want to move in with him/her. Immediately! So basically we would go for about 11 to 12 rounds of walks during the day and after a while we decided to 'be strong' and remove the water bowl between 11pm & 6am. But thankfully we only had to do that for a week, because Margo had figured to relieve himself outside only! We also figured that he picked up some of the things we taught at just one go.

Thats how we got our first 2 lessons about Labs

1# They are extremely easy to train or rather very quick to become habitable in a human world. We are not excellent with training and thats a disclaimer, but all the little things that I have tried to teach Margo, he has learnt them in one go, just for a treat :)

2# They would eat to their heart's content, or let me say their heart is never content of eating. This makes them extremely trainable and you a cold-hearted person. Because when you have just taken out your box of brownies, your pup will give you the look that will be impossible to say no to. But then you can't as dogs can't eat chocolate. Also, because of obesity, Labs are prone to putting on weight, which in future can be dangerous for them.

They need a lot of exercise as they have extremely high energy. If you have an active lifestyle then they can be an excellent companion. In our case we were lazy, and Margo has made us active and we appreciate that. Its actually nice to get up and go for a walk at 7am! And we walk for about a couple of miles, every single day (no holidays here). Every morning at 6:30 am sharp he will com to the bed and lie in between or on the head, if we are unresponsive and lick us. So here comes the third learning,

3# Find the Lab a friend. You don't really need to do much here. Labs are over-friendly pups and they would find one themselves. All you have to do is to get along with the humans. The reason is, not everyday or everytime would you be able to do this. In fact the 2miles in the morning and the other miles during the day are not going to exhaust the lab. Not for the first couple of years at least. The human energy can't be compared to theirs. So finding a puppy friend is doing justice. The puppy can keep up and play and keep your dog engaged. The humans can always grab a drink or 2 while they do that. Also, do get them Neutered or Spayed as early as possible. Not only is that important for their health but also, you don't want your dog to be unhappy and frustrated.

Also, apart from this, I have found Margo to be much more sensitive and loving than any human being. He is extremely intelligent and feels most acutely. Decision to bring him home was the best ever. There were times and periods when we were both getting adjusted to each other, but I give Margo more credit than myself for having adopted the way he has.


The Quick Morning Makeup

There are days when I get up in the morning are rush. Its very important that I have a no-fail shortlist of things that I would wear on those days. I can just shut my eyes and pick them up wear and apply and know that it will work. My whole intention is to not look all made up or hide anything but  rather look fresh and glowing. As for the hair, obviously I don't have time to wash, for that matter not even a shower! So I trust on my dry shampoo and a hat.

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Creamy Milk Cooler (Thandai) Recipe

Its a very popular Indian recipe and its usually drank during the festival of colors (Holi) which is held during the warm month of March. Its usually quite hot in March, to step out, play with colors and splash color dissolved water on each other. People are out in the heat all afternoon, and a chilled milk drink is usually very satisfying. Its not any ordinary chilled milk, but cooked for some time with nuts, saffron and sugar. Here is the full recipe.


Milk - 300ml
Cardamom - 3
Sugar - 3 Tbsp
Slivered Almonds - 2 Tbsp
Soaked & Peeled Almond - 10
Saffron - 5 - 6 Strands
Fennel Seeds - 1 Tbsp
Poppy Seeds - 1 Tbsp
Rose Essence - 2 drops


| In a Vessel heat milk on medium flame for  about an hour |

| While heating add Cardamom | 

| In a grinder, grind the soaked & peeled almond along with fennel & poppy seeds into a paste. And then add the paste to the milk |

| Now take out couple of teaspoons on milk in a bowl and soak the saffron for few minutes |

| After an hour of boiling the milk add the sugar and stir for a few minutes, then turn off the heat. Once its turned off, add the saffron, & rose essence |

| Let the milk cool down, and put it in the refrigerator to cool it further |

| Once the milk is cooling, grind the sprinkle mix and sprinkle a little while serving |

| You can make everything in advance and keep it in the refrigerator. And when guests arrive, just serve |

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