Getting Your Linkedin Profile Picture Right

I met up a few friends the other day over brunch and got talking about our profile pictures on Linkedin. Believe it or not, the profile picture is one of the key components in building a professional relationship. Even before someone scrolls down to the experience and educational qualification, the profile picture is the first thing that comes up. And it's on the top left corner of the page, which I remember from my advertising days that human eye travels from top left corner of the page to the bottom right corner. So by that definition, it's the very first thing one sees.

We use Linkedin for professional networking. Sometimes we seek jobs, sometimes business partnerships as well as sometimes, we are looking to hire. In all these situations it's important that the person looking at us has the right impression.

Let's ask ourselves a question before we begin.

What impression are we trying to form?

A: Well, since it's a professional networking website we would like to come across as someone who is professional, looks confident enough to get things done. At the same time, you are friendly and people like to approach you.

As Sean Koppelman, President of The Talent Magnet says that "What you should portray is that you are a happy, professional person, who is going to bring something positive to the organization!" Click here for his entire video

Here are a few things that you should avoid while taking the picture.

  • Do not flinch. You are probably flinching because you are standing under direct sunlight. Which is bad because firstly it makes you flinch and secondly it's going to burn your picture. Stand in shade. It can be in your office, or in front of a wall that has a nice painting or even without a painting. Or some sort of background that's not too busy and distracting. 
  • Keep your outfits clean and sober. You may be a party animal, but keep that side of your personality for Facebook. When it comes to Linkedin dress up remembering what the purpose is. Also, industry is important. What is appropriate for a creative advertising professional may not be the right outfit for a finance professional. So check that. Similarly other things like hair, skin, makeup etc.
  • When posing for the picture, keep a check on your expressions. You could possibly be laughing or smiling way too much or looking somewhere else. Or have some weird expression. These are a big NO for profile pictures.
  • Don't get other people to pose with your for "your" profile picture. Not your kids or family or friends. Nobody but you should be in that picture because people who are looking at you are interested in "you" only. 
  • Don't go for fancy hair or makeup. If you look clean and pleasant then you have got it right. 
  • Make sure the lighting is right!
And that's it!

Given below are some examples of pictures that you should not!

And here are some examples of profile pics below, that you could try.


Product Review - July

As I re-stock my beauty shelf, it's a must that I share my feedback with you. I usually buy products either out of research or feedback and my recent purchases have been interesting and worth a share.

Ole Henriksen Power Bright

This is a 3-step skin brightening process. Complete with a skin brightening scrub and 2 different kinds of masks, it leaves my skin glowing and bright. Exceptional product for what its supposed to do. However, I feel for sensitive skin it's a good idea to test it out first.

Smooth Delivery Makeup Sponge

This sponge is exceptionally soft and smooth to apply. I have applied everything from foundation to blush with it. And they merged with each other as well as it never has.

Laura Mercier - Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

I really like the finish of Laura Mercier face products. This tinted moisturizer has SPF 20 and applies great. The texture is liquidy and you will need very little.

Sweat Cosmetics Twist + Brush Mineral Foundation

I don't recommend wearing makeup for workouts but after I came across this product I had to try and I did try it out in the gym. Thankfully, there were no breakouts, in fact, there wasn't even any oiliness.   

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil (Loaded & Demolition)

I love UD 24/7 Glide-on pencils. They are smooth and glide on beautifully. So I have picked up Loaded & Demolition. A brown and a green, just right for me eyes.

Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleansing Pro Kit

I have always found it challenging to clean makeup brushes. First, take lukewarm water in a bowl, mix some shampoo then clean the brush and then hold under water and then drying. The duration of which depends on the weather! Well, this duo by Cinema Secrets cut out a lot of these processes. You pour some liquid in the container that comes along, then take the brush out and wipe on a tissue properly. And you are done!


The Floral Lock Clutch

Does this ever happen to you that you plan an entire outfit around just one piece of accessory? Well it does to me sometimes. I love this Loeffler Randal lock clutch. Its pretty, small and unbelievably spacious. It looks like a slim little clutch but it can fit your phone, lipstick, compact, perfume (well, roller size!) a comb and 2 sets of keys. It has a handle with which you can hang it on your shoulders for convenience, but I chose to carry it like a clutch.

Outfit Details
Shirt - ASOS | Skirt - ZARA (similar) | Shoes - ZARA (not available but similar) | Clutch - Loeffler Randall | Watch - DKNY


Summer Makeup

The key rules of my summer makeup are:-

| oil free |
| should have SPF |
| not too many products |
| And more peachy bronze than pinks!

For the base

On clear skin, I started off with a tinted moisturiser with SPF, instead of any other moisturizer. Then I used very little concealer around eyes. Once everything was evened out, I applied some bronzer, just under my cheek bones and blended. Then I applied some blush and blended well. In the end, I used the Sweat Cosmetic's powder mineral foundation. It has SPF 30 and is proven to be good during workouts. Which means no breakout!

For eyes

For my eyes, I keep it fairly simple. I use a swipe of eyeshadow pencil on my upper lid, eyeliner along the lower waterline and finish with a mascara. I don't use waterproof mascara, as in my weather conditions I don't need that.

For lips

For my lips, I ended with Sisley's Golden Copper

Product Details


Prints & Hats

Outfit Details : Dress - Red Valentino (similar) | Shoes - ZARA | Hat - Gifted (similar) | Lipstick - Givenchy


Products For Swimming

We are in the middle of summer now, well almost! the heat is on a rise and water inviting. However, we must remember the ways that heat can hurt us. Our skin & hair needs to be protected before we head out straight away for all that fun. A pre-shampoo protectant protects and a clarifying shampoo followed by a conditioner cleanse & cares. Similarly for the skin, a good sunscreen is important. I, in fact, apply a bit of my sunscreen to my hair if I am heading to the pool.  I also make sure I carry a big bottle of water with ice and plenty of lime to keep me hydrated & fresh in between swims.

Apart from that here are a few products for a complete pre/ during/ after care.


A pre-shampoo hair protectant. It makes your hair soft and shiny while protects it from sun & water. Apply before your swim and then wash off. Available here.


After the swim, you need a shampoo that cleans out chlorine off your hair without damaging it. A clarifying shampoo is just the thing. Available here.


Water and the sun usually make my hair lose control as well as moisture. The Oribe moisture & control is just what I need then. Available here.


I got the No.4 Prep & Protect as a sample and I have been in love with it since. It makes my hair so gorgeous and manageable that its un-be-liev-able! Available here.


I remember once when I entered the sea with my sunscreen on, it completely abandoned me the after forming a milk-like texture. It was so bad that my goggles were full of water because there was no vacuum and I promised myself to find a better sunscreen lotion for the swim. And I found this. This doesn't melt away, stays close to the skin and does what its supposed to.


This is a new sunscreen in my kitty. But I am decently impressed. It absorbs quickly, has a beautiful lemon smell and Is easy to apply. You can reach where your hands can't and smooth over easily. It's a good sunscreen to step out in as well. Available here.


This scrub smells great. It's the combined fragrance of coconut & rose. I love the way it leaves my skin soft and supple. It's a great idea to slough off the burnt, dry skin from time-to-time. Available here.


It's the best oil by far. I prefer oil over lotions in summer as it doesn't melt away in the heat and absorbs much better. L'Occitane Almond oil makes my skin beautiful & soft. Available here


And now comes the heat burn. It hurts crazy and skin may peel as some parts of our body gets too much sun and burns up a little. If you don't have access to an aloe vera plant, as aloe vera is the best thing, in this case, try this.