4 Brightening Masks That I Own

Face masks are a bit of an obsession for me and I use at least one almost everyday. Face masks are good because, your skin, just like your mood may not feel just the same everyday, so some extra TLC ensure that skin is looked after each day. Of course there is time constraint as we are running busy with our lives, but finding anything between 3-20minutes most of the days might just be good for our skin.

Of all the masks I have, I picked up the ones that brightens and there are exactly 4 of them. I usually use a brightening mask at the beginning of the day, as naturally, my skin looks fresher, brighter and ready to go!

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting | Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask - Brightening (Purple Broccoli)REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal MaskOle Henriksen POWER Bright™ 3-step Professional Brightening System



4 Interesting Bedside Ideas

When we moved into our new apartment and I was thinking of how the bedroom should be, bedside table was at the top on my mind. I really like beautiful but extremely productive bedside arrangements where I have everything I need at night. Which are a little skincare products like my lip balms, hand cream and eye patches. I also need some water and the book that I am reading. So while planning I went through all sort of ideas, considering the space available was extremely limited, ideas like a hanging desk to a bedside shelf appealed to me endlessly. I ended with a shelf on one side and a study table being used as a bedside, but there were several other ideas that looked so cool, that I have ear-marked them for future.





My Labor Day Beauty Routine

Of course the ideal thing to do would be travel. But then there was anticipation of Hermine and excitement of other travel plans coming up. But whatever is the case I was long looking for an opportunity to have a long weekend of doing nothing. Not that I could do that all 3 days, nor that I would have the patience, but I did have an entire day of indulgence. This is how I did it.


My Makeup Removal Routine

My cleansing process at the end of day is not only a makeup removal process but also a way to relax and unwind. I take my time to go through it and take every opportunity to massage and splash water. I start with lighting a candle. This one in Mokara fragrance is currently my favorite candle. Its a beautiful romantic smell and quickly transports me to a world of fairytales. Then I slip into comfortable clothes, which is usually a loose, long t-shirt. Then I pull up all my hair to tie up into a top knot. I pick up all the products I need and sit at one place to start removing makeup while watching a movie or series or anything that I fancy.

I start with rewinding the mascara. Removing mascara, especially if its waterproof can be quite painful. I first apply the melt-off and leave it as it is to start working on my lashes. The melt-off is quite effective and a simple wipe off is good enough. However, I go another step to make sure there is no trace of makeup left.

I love this step. Firstly I love the product, and the whole process of massaging it on my face. I take my time to slowly to apply the balm on my face slowly in circular motion all over my face.

I then wash it off by splashing water on my face, and then move over to my Boscia deep cleanser. Its a stick and convenient but more importantly its a very effective cleanser for deep cleansing.

once my face is damp and I have applied cleanser I use a brush for deep cleansing. I move it around my face avoiding eyes and allow it to deep cleanse my face.

This step can be done just with a damp or not cotton pad. But, I confess that I go a step further and use a micellar water drenched cotton pad to wipe the mascara off. I fold the cotton pad and just wipe off the lashes (like shown in the image above).

Then I wash my face one more time (I told you I am addicted to that :), wipe off my face then apply a face mask. usually a detox mask to finish my skin cleansing process.

Products are linked through the image.


A Brow Find

This product arrived along with some other in a birch box monthly sample kit. But before I start talking about this product, let me describe my brows!

Its medium bushy, with sparse growth near the bridge of the nose and at the end. I don't need to shape it up regularly because it never grows out of place. So I need a product that keeps things in place, does moderate filling and not too dark or over the top. I tried a lot of products and it either looked ineffective or OTT!

So when I was introduced to this I was skeptical. And I was impressed. It moderately covered my tiny bald patches while taming my brows. And there it was, the perfect brow tool!