Wrapped In Pink

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Microneedling & Beauty Stamping

If you have seen my past post on beauty tool, then you would remember the beauty stamp from Nurse Jamie. I started using it recently and have been noticing improvements in fine lines and also overall skin health. Surprisingly enough, and quite contrary to my usual behavior I bought the product and then started researching. I took a while to figure the right usage and I think I have now nailed it. Beauty stamp is a form of micro needling and it helps maximum penetration of the products. I use it along with a serum and a toner spray and it works excellently.

I first  take a couple of pumps of the serum and gently apply all over my face & neck. I then spray my face with a toning mist like the Tata Harper one, which is not drying. My skin is a combination of oily & dry and I do not use a mist spray that would dry my skin by the time I reach out for the stamp. Sometimes I even reverse this process, depending on what works for you. I then gently stamp my face vertically, horizontally and diagonally across my cheeks. Then I do the same way along the forehead. Finally, I end with chin to neck. I finish with a moisturizer and makeup as usual.

Though I would say, that this is purely my personal experience and I am super gentle with my beauty stamp. I have been benefitting quite a bit since usage, and they are mostly with regards to fine lines & open pores as I have been noticing a remarkable improvement. I use it about 4 times a week.


Keeping Your Dogs Cool In Summer

The way summer can be tough for us and so is the case with your dogs. Some dogs are furrier than the others and more intense the heat. I have a Labrador and they have a double coat. He does shed a lot in summer but it's still intense for him. So we make sure to follow a few summer checklist so that summer is more fun and less torture for him.


It's critical that you don't step out with your dog during the hottest part of the day. The asphalt can burn your pooch's paws. If you have to take him out then look for shade and grass.


Make sure your dog has access to water. It's important to be able to drink water whenever your dog is thirsty. I use this and it's immensely useful if I have to step out for a little longer. The water keeps filling up in the bowl as Margo drinks it. Sometimes on a very hot day, I even put quite a few ice cubes in the water.


Margo has always loved ice cubes. so it goes without saying that that's what I reach out for when I have to treat him for a good behavior or even no behavior and just because I want to. I always make ice cubes for myself with lime and strawberries. Margo sometimes gets the cube with berries as they are good for him and so is the ice!


We all need to be in the shade when it's incredibly hot. For dogs, the heat follows wherever they go because of their fur. It's important to find a spot for them that is cool. You can either put on the Air conditioner or a fan or a nice shaded cool area.


3 Easy Canapé Ideas

Summer time means lots of parties and friends over. While having fun is the key agenda, so is good food. As we wait for the meat to grill, we start off with some very simple canapés. So we have some sweet & some savoury to munch on while we laugh and chit-chat around the table.


On rice crackers place a little goat cheese & fig preserve on top


On a rice cracker, place 2 small pieces of smoked salmon & a slice of cucumber. In a separate bowl mix yoghurt, salt, garlic powder & some dill. Top up your canape with the mix.


Boil eggs, peel, cut in halves (vertically) and take the yellow out in a separate bowl. Now place the white on your serving dish. Crush the yellows fine, and add some salt & pepper, olive oil, mayonnaise and some spicy mustard sauce and mix well. once mixed add chopped, pitted olives and mix lightly. Spoon the mixture into the egg whites.


Favorite Beauty Tools

Sometimes along with creams and lotions, love & potions one needs something extra. Something to make these products work even better. There are lots of such tools around but I have my favorites. You must have read about my dry brush from earlier, but along with that, I have a few more that I rely on once in a while.